Project would make jet fuel using concentrated solar power and green hydrogen

A demonstration project in California plans to use concentrated solar power and green hydrogen to produce what its development partners said would be sustainable aviation fuels. The project will take place at concentrated solar power (CSP) provider Heliogen's demonstration facility in Lancaster in northern Los Angeles County. Heliogen is partnering [...]

California Looks for Long-Duration Renewable Energy Storage Contracts for 2026

An optimal power system portfolio for the US state of California that would drive the world’s fifth largest economy towards greenhouse gas reduction goals for 2030 and then to zero carbon by 2040, includes 1GW of long duration energy storage, an analyst has highlighted. The roadmap includes around 25GW of [...]

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Sandstone Concentrated Solar Power to offer storage below $90/MWh to California utilities

Boosted by streamlined permitting and falling costs, Sandstone project developer SolarReserve is preparing to enter into power purchase talks with Californian utilities in the coming months, Kevin Smith, CEO of SolarReserve, told New Energy Update. California’s SolarReserve is among a group of solar developers hoping to benefit from recent streamlining [...]

GlassPoint to Build California’s Largest Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Project

Aera Energy, one of California’s largest oil and gas producers, and GlassPoint Solar, the leading supplier of solar energy for the oil and gas industry, today announced plans to build California’s largest solar energy project. Located at the Belridge oilfield west of Bakersfield, the integrated solar project will be the [...]

New Chance for U.S. Concentrated Solar Power?

California has put its utilities on notice: When you’re putting together your next integrated resource plans, you’d better have non-gas generating options for meeting peak demand. That’s what Governor Jerry Brown mandated to utilities when he signed Senate Bill (SB) 338 into law yesterday. SB 338 requires the California Public [...]

Concentrated Solar Power plants provided 3,093 MWh on May 16 in California

Renewable energy sources provided 238,489 MWh of power to California's grid on May 16, representing a record-high 40% of total daily power demand, data from CAISO, California's grid operator, showed. CSP plants provided 3,093 MWh on May 16 and peak CSP output was 365 MW at 11:36 am. California's [...]

SolarReserve’s giant Concentrated Solar Power project in Nevada

The Sandstone project would see up to 10 solar towers built in Nevada for a total capacity of 2 GW. U.S. CSP developers must respond to regional market needs to ensure utilities recognize the value of thermal energy storage in utility offtake contracts, Kevin Smith, CEO of SolarReserve, told CSP [...]

Debunking Myths about Concentrated Solar Power

The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in California (US), the world’s largest solar power plant, is a concentrating solar power (CSP) complex that uses more than 300,000 mirrors to generate electricity. On 19 May when a small fire shut down a generating tower the mainstream press jumped on the news [...]

California’s First Concentrated Solar Power Desalination Plant to Bring Freshwater to the Central Valley

The HydroRevolutionSM plant will be an expansion of the demonstration plant operated by WaterFX™ in the Panoche District in 2013.

California leads U.S. in solar energy installations, PV and Concentrated Solar Power

California became the first state to generate more than 5% of its electricity from utility solar power, according a new report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Concentrated Solar Power generation could provide around 6,000 TWh in California

The report, "Efficient use of land to meet sustainable energy needs" was published in Nature Climate Change, and found that there is enough space in the state suitable for solar power to power three to five Californias.

California saw three concentrated solar power plants come fully online in 2014

California saw three concentrated solar power plants come fully online in 2014: the Genesis project in Riverside County and the Ivanpah and Mojave projects in San Bernardino County.

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