Assessment of concentrated solar power generation potential in China based on GIS

Concentrating solar power (CSP) plays an important role in China’s carbon neutrality path. The geographical, technical, and CO2 emission reduction potential of CSP in China was evaluated by province. Approximately 1.02 × 106 km2 of land (11% of land area) can support CSP development. Over 99% of China's technical potential is concentrated [...]

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Event postpone – CSP Focus China 2022, May 26 & 27, Beijing China

Due to the current outbreaks of Omicron in several cities in China, the upcoming 12th Annual CSP Focus China 2022, scheduled on April 21&22 in Beijing, will have to be postponed to May 26 & 27 in Beijing. The conference will be in person and online available as well.  Stay in tune [...]

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Jinta ZhongGuang Solar “100MW Tower Concentrated Solar Power + 600 MW PV” Project site leveling works officially started

On March 25, Jinta ZhongGuang Solar "100MW Tower CSP + 600MW PV" project site leveling works started, which marked the full-scale construction phase of the project. The preliminary development and construction of the project is progressing smoothly. In terms of engineering design, initial design and detailed geological survey have been completed, and the construction drawing is being designed, and heliostat [...]

Concentrated Solar Power reinforces position in China’s desert

Several recent tenders have reinforced the relevance of concentrated solar power (CSP) as dispatchable green energy in China’s hybrid wind-solar-storage “base projects.” The common pattern is a hybrid complex of 1 GW, with 100 MW of CSP present. Most Chinese provinces have energy storage requirements for utility-scale wind and solar [...]

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China’s Concentrated Solar Power at Hami Expected to be 250 MW by 2025

New energy installed capacity, accounting for 70.2% of total installed capacity, will comprise 34 GW, with wind power comprising 27 GW, photovoltaic 6.5 GW, and Concentrated Solar Power 250 MW. According to the news from the Hami Financial Media Center on March 12, with the implementation of the “Xinjiang Electric [...]

China breaks ground on major Concentrated Solar Power project

China General Nuclear Power Corp began constructing its 2 million kilowatt solar thermal storage integrated project on Wednesday in Delingha, Qinghai province. It is to date the Concentrated Solar Power storage integrated project with the highest energy storage ratio in the country, the company said. With a total installed capacity [...]

How China’s Cosin Solar Solved Some Tower Concentrated Solar Power Challenges

Known then as Supcon Solar, Cosin Solar developed two tower projects in China’s pilot CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) program; as technology and core equipment provider on PowerChina Gonghe 50MW tower CSP, and developing the Supcon Delingha 50MW tower CSP. These were two of the five tower CSP demonstration projects that [...]

Shanghai Electric Bags Turbine and Air Cooling Unit of 110 MW Concentrated Solar Power Project in China

Shanghai Electric, the leading equipment manufacturer and EPC contractor of power industry, won the bids of steam turbine and air cooling unit for a 110MW Concentrated Solar Power project in China, through its subsidiary Shanghai Turbine Company and Shanghai Electric SPX respectively in March 2022. The 110MW CSP project with [...]

How Did Cosin Concentrated Solar Power Tower Reach Projected Performance So Fast?

Cosin Solar (previously Supcon Solar) seemed to burst on the global Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) scene as a fully fledged Chinese CSP firm. Among China’s pilot projects, the Supcon Delingha 50 MW tower CSP with 7 hours of storage in Qinghai Province was among the few to succeed in China’s [...]

12th CSP Focus China 2022, April 21-22, Beijing China

The 12th CSP Focus China 2022 will be held on April 21-22 in Beijing China. The conference will be ON LINE too, with instant bilingual translation. Event Background: A new wave of CSP development, and GW of CSP projects, will emerge in China and the rest of world after the staggering year of 2021. [...]

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Three Gorges Dam to Build Three Chinese Concentrated Solar Power Projects

China Three Gorges Renewables – the developer and builder of the 22.5 GW Three Gorges Dam in China – will develop three of China’s planned new 100 MW Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) tower projects, two in China’s sunny Qinghai province, teaming up with new private CSP developer Shouhang in [...]

China’s Big State-Owned Firms Begin New Concentrated Solar Power for 2024

China has announced plans to start – and complete – 11 Concentrated Solar Power projects with thermal energy storage by 2024. The selected projects, with backing by some of China’s biggest energy giants, must now race to meet this very tight two-year deadline. Out of China’s initial pilot program, from [...]

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1.3GW Concentrated Solar Power Projects Planned to Start in 2022

A new wave of CSP development, and GW of CSP projects, will emerge in China and the rest of world after the staggering year of 2021. As was declared clearly in “Action Plan for Carbon Dioxide Peaking Before 2030”, an official statement released by the State Council of China, “…to [...]

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