DOE allots $1.6 billion to decarbonize coal country

“Today, Treasury and IRS, in partnership with DOE, announced the intent to release approximately $4 billion in a first round of tax credits for projects that expand U.S. supply chains for clean energy technologies and critical materials for clean energy technology production, and for projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions [...]

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Chile Considers Converting 30 Coal Plants into “Carnot” Batteries

By 2050 Chile plans to be carbon neutral. A crucial part of that goal is the decarbonisation of its energy mix. To do this, all coal-fired power plants will stop operating by 2040. IMAGE@Wikiwand A very simplified schematic of the essential idea of a “Carnot” Battery To deliver maximum benefit, two additional [...]

Aalborg CSP Can Retrofit Coal Plants into Thermal Energy Storage

Researchers at DLR, and NREL, and the Bill Gates-funded start-up Malta have been investigating converting coal plants into grid-scale thermal energy storage for curtailed intermittent renewable energy, as low-cost heat “batteries.” Aalborg CSP’s steam generation system for the 600 MW DEWA Concentrated Solar Power project in Dubai Conversion would repurpose [...]

Molten salt storage in concentrated solar power plants could meet the electricity-on-demand role of coal and gas

The first thing you see of the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Facility, and you can be miles away, is a light so bright you can't look directly at it. This sits atop a 640-foot cement tower, rising from the flat, empty Nevada desert around the halfway point on the [...]

How Germany plans to phase out coal without losing all the coal jobs, and how other countries could do the same

Germany has committed to completely decarbonize its national energy system.  Going 100% renewables, however, comes with electricity dispatchability challenges. One of the possible solutions would be to replace the coal in coal power plants with renewable energy as the ‘fuel’ for the turbines, using thermal storage to offset the intermittency [...]

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Fresnel developer builds India supply base to serve 1.7 GW CSP-coal market

Frenell’s technology will fuel Asia’s first integrated solar thermal power plant and the German developer eyes further cost reductions through supply chain gains, Thomas Mehlitz, Frenell’s project manager for the Dadri project, told New Energy Update. NTPC’s solar augmentation project is to use Fresnel technology to supply 14 GWh [...]

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India picks Fresnel for its first Concentrated Solar Power – coal plant

Frenell has won a contract to supply its solar thermal technology to a coal-fired power station in Uttar Pradesh, India, the company announced November 7. The project represents the first integrated CSP plant in Asia. Frenell will integrate its Fresnel technology into a 210 MW coal-fired power plant unit using [...]

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