concentrated solar thermal

Where Very Hot Solar Thermochemistry Research is Today

Heat demand by industry is the world’s largest energy end-use, the IEA calculates. So how can we supply that with renewable energy? For some heat needs, it is possible today, using concentrated solar thermal (CST). Many industrial processes need heat at between 150ºC and 400ºC, which CST can meet commercially [...]

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Australian Researchers Assess the Commercial Viability of Solar Alumina Calcining

Commercializing alumina refining using solar heat Approximately 27% of Australia’s industrial carbon emissions come from alumina refineries, in which fossil fuels are burned to heat the processes. But concentrated solar thermal (CST) could provide up to half of the heat needed. Australian researchers have for the first time demonstrated a [...]

ARENA push for concentrated solar power in Australia

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) reports a strong response from industry and investors on concentrated solar thermal (CST). This follows ARENA’s call for information from industry, solar manufacturers and green energy investors about CST. The call ended on 31 July, and ARENA is now evaluating responses to see how [...]

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