High Temparature concentrated solar power plan with particle receiver and direct thermal storage

Clean solar energy with storage can help Europe reduce emissions and deliver a secure and cost-effective electricity supply. EU-funded research suggests that fluidised crystal particles trump molten salts as the heat transfer and storage medium. © Gilles Flamant Current state of the art concentrated solar power (CSP) plants use central [...]

Shedding some light on innovations in Concentrated Solar Power

The Sun could be the world’s largest source of electricity by 2050, ahead of fossil fuels, wind energy, hydro and nuclear. Specifically, solar thermal electricity from concentrated solar power (CSP) systems could provide over 10 % of the world’s electricity by mid-century and prevent the emission of billions of tonnes [...]

Energy potential of concentrated solar power for Europe

In the light of the EU 2030 climate & energy framework, MUSTEC (Market uptake of solar thermal electricity through cooperation) aims to explore and propose concrete solutions to overcome the barriers that hinder the deployment of concentrated solar power (CSP) cooperation projects. CSP has a high potential in supplying renewable [...]

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