Why Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) beats Photovoltaic (PV) at less than 3 USD cents per kWh

The cost of renewable energy is dropping every year, and this year we saw record low cost Photovoltaic (PV) projects such as the 800 MW project in Dubai offered at 2.99 US$ cents/kWh. So how is it that concentrating solar power (CSP) is still an attractive technology compared to PV? [...]

POWERCHINA New Energy Toksun 100 MW tower concentrated solar power project steam turbine generator set, steam generation system started procurement

POWERCHINA Zhongnan Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd issued a procurement competition announcement on steam turbine generator set and auxiliary equipment, steam generation system and auxiliary heating equipment of POWERCHINA New Energy Turpan Toksun County Wusstone solar thermal + photovoltaic integration project. Project Overview: The project is located 6 km [...]

Each MW of concentrated solar power can replace each MW of natural gas and achieve the decarbonization of the electricity sector

Each MW of solar thermal power can replace each MW of gas and achieve a total transition of the electricity sector, which would imply the substitution of current natural gas plants, as can be seen from the study carried out by Protermosolar in collaboration with the Comillas Pontifical University, which [...]

Bidding for cost consulting service of Yumen 100 MW concentrated solar power energy storage project

On May 18, China Atomic Energy Industry Co., Ltd was entrusted by Yumen Xinao New Energy Co., Ltd to invite qualified bidders for online electronic bidding on the cost consulting service of its "Solar Thermal Power Energy Storage + Photovoltaic + Wind Power" demonstration project of 100MW solar thermal energy [...]

Xizang Zabuye integrated energy supply project molten salt stop valve bidding

On May 16, Shanghai Baohua International Tendering Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the tendering agency), entrusted by Ouye Industrial Products Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the Buyer), conducted public bidding for the following goods required by molten salt cut-off valve for its source network charge storage integrated energy [...]

Interview Jin Jianxiang, president of Cosin Solar Technology Co., Ltd

Cosin Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the pioneer enterprises in China to engage in the promotion of research and industrialization of CSP technology. Specializing in the application of CSP, CSP+ hybrid solution and molten salt thermal energy storage technology, we are able to provide our customers with advanced, [...]

An energy storage system project with a total investment of 400 million yuan was built in Minqin

In Gansu Weiheng Energy Storage Technology Co., LTD., energy storage system digital intelligent factory production line project site, machinery roar, workers are stepping up construction, steel material processing, binding reinforcement, plant foundation excavation, comprehensive building raft foundation pouring...... Steady progress has been made in all construction work. Composite building raft [...]

Pros and Cons of Concentrated Solar Power

In the previous article, I described the essential principles of thermosolar technology or concentrated solar power (CSP). In this article, I analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this technology in order to understand what factors hinder its massive roll-out. The following image shows a diagram of the essential components of [...]

China Energy Construction Northwest Power Construction won the EPC general contract of Haitai Xinneng 1GW PV-CSP integration project

According to the news from China Energy Engineering Group Northwest Power Construction Engineering Co., Ltd, on May 6, China Energy Engineering Group Northwest Power Construction Engineering Co., Ltd won the bidding of Tangshan Haitai Xinneng Technology Co., Ltd., 900 MW photovoltaic +100 MW Concentrated Solar Power integration EPC general contract [...]

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Vast Solar Becomes Vast

Australian renewable energy company Vast is proud to announce its rebrand, effective from 8th May. The new brand identity is expected to better communicate Vast’s position in the market and improve its visibility among stakeholders. Vast’s target markets have broadened from initially focusing on dispatchable renewable electricity to now include [...]

Performance evaluation of a solar thermal storage system proposed for concentrated solar power plants

This study aims to assess the performance of the Hybrid Solar Thermal Storage (HSTS) system, the storage system proposed for concentrated solar power (CSP) plants. The heat storage hybridisation concept is based on coupling latent phase change material (PCM) and thermochemical storage system containing paired metal hydride (MH) beds. One [...]

Why heat-recovery for solar reactors matters

In this solar technology, highly concentrated solar energy directly heats a solar reactor and drives a thermochemical process, using carbon dioxide and water as the raw materials to produce syngas, a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. The syngas can be converted to liquid transportation fuels using established technologies [...]

The daily output of China Power Construction Gonghe 50MW tower concentrated solar power plant hit a record high in a single month

Recently, the latest statistics of Gonghe 50 MW concentrated solar power plant, Qinghai Branch of China Power Construction New Energy Group, show that the cumulative power generation of the power station in April 2023 has completed 6,909 thousand KWH, which is the highest monthly power generation record ever since the [...]

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