Cyprus agrees construction of 50 MW concentrated solar power plant

A concentrated solar power system may become operational already next year, as the agreement with the government of Cyprus was signed after all permits have been secured. Alfa Mediterranean is about to build the 50 MW concentrating solar power plant using Australian tech. Following years of delays, Alfa Mediterranean [...]

Concentrated Solar Power in Cyprus

Homeowners and businesses in Cyprus showed growing interest in solar thermal technology over the last two years. Collector area additions on the island increased by 5 % in 2018 and by 24 % in 2019 after a small decline in 2017. The growth in collector capacity was the result of [...]

Cyprus passes EUR 60.2 million guarantee for concentrated solar power project

Solastor from Australia devised the solution. Alfa Mediterranean is waiting for a loan from the European Investment Bank to start building the concentrated solar power system. It is backed by an EU program. The minority government of Cyprus has succeeded in its fourth attempt to squeeze a European NER300 [...]

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The Cyprus Institute launches new annual Autumn Schools on Concentrated Solar Technologies (CST)

7th - 17th November 2016 This School, the first of a series of annual Autumn Schools on Concentrated Solar Technologies (CST), is directed to graduate (Masters and Doctoral) students and to early career professionals. The school offers a fast paced comprehensive overview of the field, to be followed by intermediate [...]

The Cyprus Institute Recruits Leading Expert in Solar Thermal Energy

The Board of Trustees of the Cyprus Institute (CyI) has ratified the appointment of Dr. Manuel Blanco as the EC-funded European Research Area (ERA) Chair holder in the field of Solar Thermal Energy. He will join the Energy Division of the Cyprus Institute’s Energy, Environment and Water Research Center (EEWRC). [...]

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Concentrated Solar Power openings at the Cyprus Institute

The Cyprus Institute is currently advertising vacancies for administrative and research positions within our Solar Energy research group:   1. Project Officer for Solar Energy and Desalination Group: 2. Postdoctoral fellow for concentrated solar power: 3. Computational scientist (Postdoc - HPC for energy): If you require further information please email and [...]

US may support Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) in Cyprus

The US is willing to invest in renewable energy projects in Cyprus, including in two large solar thermal power plants there, the Cyprus News Agency (CNA) said on Wednesday. Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has announced the US’ interest in the matter during her visit to Cyprus. The [...]

Linear Fresnel Concentrated Solar Power System Inaugurated in Cyprus

The Cyprus Institute’s Linear Fresnel Solar Energy System for Built Environment of the Novel Technologies Laboratory (NTL) building was inaugurated by the Honorable Minister of Finance, Harris Georgiades, on April 11. The Minister in his address stressed that research and innovation can and should have a very important role in a new economic [...]

Cyprus Institute secures EU grant of €2.5 million for Concentrated Solar Power research

The Cyprus Institute (CyI) has been awarded a European Research Area (ERA) Chair grant of €2.5 million in the field of Solar Thermal Energy (STE).

Better ways of integrating concentrated solar power (CSP) to the network

The aim of this collaboration is to investigate solar energy issues and better ways of integrating concentrated solar power to the network.

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