Concentrated solar power plant in NW China’s Dunhuang promotes fight against COVID-19 with gigantic slogan

The 100MW molten-salt concentrated solar power plant located in Dunhuang, northwest China’s Gansu province, recently used its 12,000 mirrors to create a 2-square-kilometer face mask pattern and other slogans to promote the fight against COVID-19. Photo taken on Oct. 16, 2021 shows the light beam reflected by 12,000 mirrors of [...]

Fresnel Concentrated Solar Power project operates in Dunhuang China

Lanzhou Dacheng Dunhuang 50 MW Molten Salt Fresnel Concentrated Solar Power Project was successfully connected to the gird at 17:50 p.m. on December 31, 2019, becoming the first demonstration Fresnel CSP project in China, and the world largest solar thermal power plant taking Fresnel CSP technology. China have seven [...]

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