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Andalusia aims to 25,650 MW of renewable energy between wind energy, concentrated solar power and photovoltaic

The analyzed potential to install renewable energy projects is distributed, by technologies, as follows: 81% corresponds to photovoltaic projects, 8.2% to wind power, 6.3% to solar thermal, 3.5% to investments in offshore wind energy and 0.6% in biomass. The Junta de Andalucía, through the Agency of Finance, Industry and Energy, [...]

The Concentrated Solar Power contributed 2.7% in Spain in May

Renewables contributed 43.9% in Spain in May: wind 17.2%, solar thermal 2.7% and photovoltaic 4.1%. Generation of the month of May 2018 The peninsular demand for electric power in May is estimated at 20,044 GWh, 1% lower than that registered in the same month of the previous year. If [...]

A Record Breaking Year for Renewable Energy

Today REN21 published the most comprehensiveannual overview of the state of renewable energy. The Renewables 2016 Global Status Report reveals that renewables are now firmly established as competitive, mainstream sources of energy in many countries around the world. 2015 was a record year for renewable energy installations. Renewable power generating [...]

Saudi Arabia will leave the oil in 2040 for renewable energy

Saudi Arabia currently consumes 10 million barrels of oil per day, which is 25% of the global crude oil production. Its consumption alone is greater than the total US oil production.

Concentrated Solar Power bring 4.2% of Spain’s power in Aug 2014

The wind power output was 2,708 GWh in August 2014, down 14.6%. Solar photovoltaic (PV) generated 4.2% of the total mix, and the share of concentrated solar power (CSP) plants was 4,2%.

Concentrated solar power (CSP) plants in Andalucia are responsible for 18% of the renewable energy mix

Andalucia has reached a renewable energy share of 39% of the region's total installed capacity, with green power plants generating 13,583 GWh of power annually.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) generated 4% of electricity in Spain in July

Renewable Energies in July covering 37.6% of the demand in Spain: 16.8% wind energy, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) 4% and solar photovoltaic PV 4.3%.

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