Electricity Market Design proposal: A good step in the right direction

ESTELA and all of ASPIRE members welcome the European Commission’s proposal on the Electricity Market Design and its focus on creating favourable market conditions to boost investment in our essential technologies which provide stable and predictable supplies of renewable electricity to accelerate the replacement of the use of fossil [...]

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EERA’s REPowerEU Manifesto highlights the key role CST could play in the energy transition

On 18 October 2022 ESTELA was pleased to attend European Energy Research Alliance’s (EERA) organised a high-level policy orientated conference “Repowering Europe for a sustainable strategic autonomy. Presenting an R&I agenda for REPowerEU”, where amongst other fascinating presentations and discussions, EERA introduced their REPowerEU Manifesto: The European energy research community’s [...]

MUSTEC – A Roadmap for Collaborative Concentrated Solar Power development in Europe

The decarbonisation of the electricity sector through the deployment of renewable energy technologies is a key element of the European climate change strategy and ambitious renewable energy targets have been set on the European level. The absence of mandatory targets on the national level emphasizes the relevance of collaborative approaches [...]

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Energy potential of concentrated solar power for Europe

In the light of the EU 2030 climate & energy framework, MUSTEC (Market uptake of solar thermal electricity through cooperation) aims to explore and propose concrete solutions to overcome the barriers that hinder the deployment of concentrated solar power (CSP) cooperation projects. CSP has a high potential in supplying renewable [...]

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Europe Concentrated Solar Power players target post-2020 openings as scale slices costs

Accelerated grid expansions, capacity markets and learnings from large Middle East projects could rejuvenate the Spanish CSP market and see European capacity far outstrip recent forecasts of 5 GW by 2030, industry experts told New Energy Update. Europe’s installed CSP capacity is predicted to rise from 2.3 GW at [...]

European institutions strike overnight deal on 32% binding renewable energy target

Negotiators from the European Parliament and Member States agreed to increase the EU renewable energy target for 2030 to 32% with a possibility for upward revision in 2023. - This is a significant improvement over the target of at least 27% the European Commission tabled in November [...]

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