Decarbonizing the German industrial thermal energy use with solar, hydrogen, and other options–Recommendations for the world

This paper is based on a position paper of the German Industry Association Concentrated Solar Power e.V. to the German government and discusses options on how to decarbonize the heat demand of the domestic industry. Among other option, concentration solar collectors are a suitable option in Germany, which has not [...]

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Concentrating solar thermal technology ready for efficient use in Germany

The energy crisis and decarbonising the heating sector – Concentrating solar thermal technology ready for efficient use in Germany. Concentrating solar thermal systems are still little known in Germany, although they are a highly efficient approach to producing heat from solar energy. In such a system, specialised mirrors arranged in [...]

DLR Finds Concentrated Solar Power is Ideal Renewable to Decarbonize German Industry

An assessment of the cost/benefit of each green heat technology is timely, as countries that were most heavily dependent on Russian gas must rapidly decarbonize heavy industry as gas supplies dwindle from over 40% to under 10% and rise in price from 20 to 140 euros per MWh. Gas imports [...]

Aalborg CSP wins order in Germany with TVP Solar high yield flat vacuum collector

While the German district heating market is undergoing a rapid transition to renewable energy, Aalborg CSP has secured their first German energy project order. A 4.7 MW solar heating plant will be established in Sondershausen and will apply the new high yield solar vacuum collector by TVP Solar. It will [...]

How Germany plans to phase out coal without losing all the coal jobs, and how other countries could do the same

Germany has committed to completely decarbonize its national energy system.  Going 100% renewables, however, comes with electricity dispatchability challenges. One of the possible solutions would be to replace the coal in coal power plants with renewable energy as the ‘fuel’ for the turbines, using thermal storage to offset the intermittency [...]

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Morocco, France, Germany, Portugal, and Spain agree to foster corporate trade of renewable electricity between each other

The 5 countries have signed today in Brussels a joint declaration that lays out their plan to facilitate cross-border trade of renewable electricity from producers to corporate consumers. At COP 22, France, Germany, Morocco, Portugal and Spain signed the SET (Sustainable Electricity Trade) Roadmap: a declaration that would eventually [...]

Concentrated Solar Power for High-Temperature Solar Process Heat

Cement is the most widely used building material in the world. One of its key ingredients is calcium oxide (CaO), also called quicklime, which can be produced by calcination from naturally occurring limestone (CaCO3). Calcination is an energy-intensive, around-the-clock decomposition process at around 900 °C, usually powered by the combustion [...]

Germany’s Planned 90 Percent Energiewende Will Need Concentrated Solar Power

Given Germany's low DNI, it might seem improbable that thermal solar would be a key component of its low-carbon grid planning under its Energiewende (energy transition), but several papers published in 2016 found that Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) with Thermal Energy Storage (CSP-TES) will be an essential component. As the [...]

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