heat storage

Successful PROMES-CNRS thermocline test of latent/sensible heat storage

Most industries currently burn fossil fuels for heat. But to supply heat directly from sunlight, research attention is turning to solar thermal energy storage (TES) so that heat can be delivered as consistently as combusting a fossil fuel using purely solar energy. A solar thermal energy storage breakthrough – a [...]

Preparation and thermal property characterization of NaCl–Na2CO3–Na2SO4 eutectic salt mixed with carbon nanomaterials for heat storage

Coupling with supercritical power cycle can improve the thermal efficiency of the concentrated solar system. Design the suitable thermal storage medium is critical to the new coupling system. A new ternary eutectic salt with low cost was developed composed of NaCl, Na2CO3, and Na2SO4 based on the calculation method of phase [...]

Concentrated solar power with heat storage could compete with batteries

For short-term storage in a 100% renewables grid, thermal energy storage located at concentrated solar power plants could compete with batteries, found a study using an idealized grid model. Seasonal storage needs could best be met with power-to-gas-to-power technology. Concentrating solar power plus thermal energy storage (CSP+TES) could be cost-competitive [...]

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