A Novel Concentrated Solar Power Heliostat Goes from Lab to Market in Just 5 Years

It is rare for an innovation in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) to go from the lab to commercial in just 5 years. The biggest obstacle to advancing potential cost-cutting improvements in novel CSP technologies is getting them deployed in commercial projects. Risks are high when every CSP plant must be [...]

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SolarReserve enters manufacturing deal for Australia Concentrated Solar Power project

Australian concentrated solar power (CSP) technology firm Heliostat SA has teamed up with California-based SolarReserve to produce tracking mirrors for the latter’s 150-MW Aurora plant in South Australia. The parties have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) under which they will work together on the development of plans and [...]

Concentrated Solar Power heliostat innovations set to deliver big cost reductions

Concentrated solar power is still in an early-enough stage of maturity that even small breakthroughs in the design and operation of heliostats can slash associated electricity costs. Heliostats typically account for one-third to one-half of the initial capital cost of a new CSP field. Therefore, it is no surprise [...]

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