Can Morocco solve Europe’s energy crisis?

Morocco has big ambitions to export electricity produced by solar and wind farms to Europe, but should it be prioritising such renewable energy for its home market? "The resources we have here could be one of the big, big answers to European demand," says Moroccan energy entrepreneur Moundir Zniber. Mr [...]

Noor Ouarzazate Solar Complex in Morocco, World’s Largest Concentrated Solar Power Plant

The Noor Ouarzazate Solar Complex is a 580MW solar power project located 10 kilometers north of the Moroccan city of Ouarzazate. It’s the world’s biggest concentrated solar power facility. The construction of a 160MW concentrated solar power (CSP) plant, dubbed Noor I, was phase one of the Ouarzazate solar power [...]

Morocco, with the world’s largest concentrated solar power plant, among the leaders in renewable energy

Africa, and especially its northern part with the Sahara desert, has a huge solar capacity, which has been pointed out for a long time, but which was still underutilized. They have been trying to change this for some time in Morocco and thus shake off the dependence on the import [...]

Morocco: A ‘Destination’ for Renewable Energy under a New Kind of Sun King

The Sahara has a lot of land and a lot of sun, making it an appealing place to site massive solar generating stations, and the Kingdom of Morocco is doing just that. Add substantial wind resources inland and on the coast and Morocco looks set to fulfill its declared intention [...]

Morocco reaps benefits from the Sahara sunshine

The North African country has an ambitious plan to supply 52 percent of its total power generation from renewable energy sources by 2030. Morocco's vast lands across the Sahara desert covering much of North Africa are proving advantageous for the country's clean energy push. The country has centered its solar [...]

Noor Ouarzazate: world’s largest Concentrated Solar Power Complex | Sustainable Energy

In this video, learn more about Noor Ouarzazate in Morocco, world's largest Solar Power Complex. Its Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technology could provide 10% of global eclectricity by 2050.  

Abengoa renews its operation and maintenance contract for the solar-gas hybrid plant in Morocco

Abengoa (MCE: ABG/P:SM), the international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the infrastructure, energy and water sectors, has signed a new five-year extension to its operations and maintenance agreement with the Moroccan National Power and Water Office (ONEE) for the 472 MW Ain Beni Mathar solar-gas plant. [...]

Morocco’s NOOR Concentrated Solar Power Projects Support Africa’s Energy Transition

Morocco is playing an important role in Africa’s energy transition with the Noor Ouarzazate solar complex, according to a June 18 report by African Development Bank (AfDB) Group. The complex, southeast of Marrakech, is the largest concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in the world and its development benefited from $485 [...]

Morocco Pioneers PV with Thermal Storage at 800 MW Midelt Cocentrated Solar Power Project

Morocco’s 800 MW solar hybrid project at Midelt will be the first solar project in the world to include thermal (heat) storage of PV (Photovoltaic) as well as CSP (Concentrated Solar Power). Midelt’s first-of-a-kind hybrid solar and shared storage project will deliver dispatchable solar at 7 cents per kWh. [...]

The Noor Concentrated Solar Power Complex and BASF’s 24-Hour Molten Salt Solutions

Molten salt, which is produced by companies such as BASF, is being used in concentrating solar power plants to provide efficient thermal energy storage and is part of the overall solution to the question of the viability of renewable energy in the fight against climate change. Solar Thermal Energy: A [...]

Innovative mirrors key to next generation Concentrated Solar Power system

Great Falls, VA, USA  247Solar Inc., developer of the breakthrough 247Solar Plant, announced that it has signed a supply agreement with Chinese engineering and manufacturing firm CASEN Investment Co. (formerly DK Solar) to provide  their heliostats (solar mirrors) and associated control systems for its first operational demonstration plant, under construction [...]

Morocco, Arab Leader in Electricity Generation from Renewable Energy

Morocco aims to have renewable energy constitute 42% of its energy production by the end of 2020. Morocco remains a leader in the Arab world in terms of electricity from renewable energy, a study from the King Abdullah Center for Petroleum Studies and Research has found. The study reveals Morocco [...]

Azelio’s verification Concentrated Solar Power project in Morocco delivers first electricity

Azelio's verification project in Morocco has been completed and the first electricity has been produced according to plan: that is, by the end of the year. The verification of Azelio's solution for the storage and production of sustainable electricity on demand around the clock, is a significant step in the [...]

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