US signs pact for up to 5-GW solar power project in Botswana, Namibia

The Biden-Harris administration has signed a memorandum of intent (MOI) regarding a plan to build a solar power complex of up to 5 GW in Botswana and Namibia. According to a Monday announcement, the US government will cooperate with those of the two African nations involved, the African Development Bank, [...]

Namibia-Botswana project for building both photovoltaic and concentrated solar power plants

The signing of an agreement between Namibia and Botswana to construct a mega solar photovoltaic project is imminent, Namibian Minister for Mines and Energy Tom Alweendo has shared. A full feasibility study will then follow to determine the location and size of the project setting in motion construction plans for [...]

New trans-Africa Concentrated Solar Power, PV plan tests regional scaling skills

A 4.5 GW solar build plan proposed by multilaterals and governments in Botswana and Namibia will present significant scaling challenges, requiring clear political momentum and a ramped tendering and development process, regional experts told New Energy Update. In August, the World Economic Forum's Global Future Council on Energy unveiled a [...]

A solar initiative will help southern Africa shine

Mega-solar projects – large-scale installations capable of producing upwards of hundreds of megawatts (MW) of power – are generating much-needed electricity in countries all over the world. In sunny southern Africa, however, a historic lack of public-private partnerships outside of South Africa and, until recently, Zambia, to develop such [...]

Concentrated solar power (CSP) plant to co-generate water for Namibia

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) is suited to regions with good solar resource. Here's how it can solve related water scarcity. A research study from Stellenbosch University finds that a 100 MW concentrated solar power (CSP) plant adapted to also "co-generate" water via multi-effect distillation (MED) would potentially be financially [...]

Namibia have one of the highest solar radiation resource

Namibia has the potential to light up Southern Africa, given its strategic location and ambitious plan for private investments in the power generation sector, according to the Finance Minister Calle Schlettwein. The public sector alone cannot respond to the enormous investment needed to meet the growing demand for electricity in [...]

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UNDP Namibia supports Concentrated Solar Power Project

The “Concentrated Solar Power Technology Transfer for Electricity Generation” (CSP TT NAM) has supported Namibia to develop its capacity in CSP technology, through a facilitation of commercial solar thermal plant, which is regarded one of the cleaner and more mature technologies through south-south and north-south transfer opportunities. The project which [...]

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Namibia to build a 150 MW Concentrated Solar Power plant

Namibian power utility NamPower plans to build three new plants, its managing director said on Friday, to boost electricity security in the southwest African country. Namibia is a net importer of electricity with an installed capacity of 513.5 megawatts. The country is home to the Kudu Gas Fields, which [...]

Studies to develop a Concentrated Solar Power plant with storage in Namibia

NamPower has made significant progress with regard to the development of its biomass and concentrated solar power projects its managing director Simson Haulofu indicated this week at the Invest in Namibia International conference. “We have been looking at issues of biomass. We can generate quite a lot. Sixty megawatts (MW) [...]

Namibian first Concentrated Solar Power plant details to be published in November

Up to 70% of Namibia’s electricity demand is imported, mostly from South Africa and to a lesser extent form Zimbabwe and Zambia. NamPower, Namibia’s national power utility, is pursuing comprehensive energy provision and supply efficiency throughout Namibia. Concentrated solar power especially with storage, has been regarded as one of the [...]

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Nampower issues tender and procurement for Concentrated Solar Power Plant for Namibia

1) Techno-economic Consultant to assist NamPower with the feasibility of CSP plants in NamPower. The funding for the Techno-economic Consultant will be financed by Sustainability 4All thought the EIB. The Procurement notice has been published on the EIB website and NamPower website.   Short description of procurement notice: NamPower, [...]

Namibia’s first Concentrated Solar Power plant could reach 200 MW

Namibia Power Corporation (NamPower) tendered in November for a new impact assessment to build the country's first CSP plant which could see as much as 200 MW of capacity built on an unused coal plant site. According to the tender document, NamPower wants the new CSP plant's capacity to be between [...]

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