China breaks ground on major Concentrated Solar Power project

China General Nuclear Power Corp began constructing its 2 million kilowatt solar thermal storage integrated project on Wednesday in Delingha, Qinghai province. It is to date the Concentrated Solar Power storage integrated project with the highest energy storage ratio in the country, the company said. With a total installed capacity [...]

How Did Cosin Concentrated Solar Power Tower Reach Projected Performance So Fast?

Cosin Solar (previously Supcon Solar) seemed to burst on the global Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) scene as a fully fledged Chinese CSP firm. Among China’s pilot projects, the Supcon Delingha 50 MW tower CSP with 7 hours of storage in Qinghai Province was among the few to succeed in China’s [...]

China’s Qinghai begins building 10.9 GW new energy power projects, including 400 MW of CSP

Northwest China's Qinghai Province on Friday began the construction of 15 new energy power generation projects, with a combined installed power generating capacity of 10.9 GW, according to local authorities. Photo taken on Dec. 27, 2020 shows part of the Qinghai section of the Qinghai-Henan UHV DC power transmission line [...]

Qinghai 3*100MW Concentrated Solar Power Bids Winner Announced

Qinghai Government announced the winners of a total capacity of 5.3GW RE auctions today, among which 3*100MW of CSP projects, 3.5GW PV and 1.5GW Wind, slightly different from the previous RFP document, in which there are 3*100MW of CSP projects, 3.8GW PV and 1.2GW Wind. Project Allocations 3 companies and [...]

3*100MW Concentrated Solar Power Auctions Announced in China

Qinghai Province, China. A total of 5.3GW Renewable Energies auction was announced yesterday on Sept 6, among which 3*100MW of Concentrated Solar Power projects, 3.8GW PV and 1.2GW Wind. The 5.3GW auction is divided into 7 bids, including: Bid No1: 900MW PV + 100MW CSP Bid No2: 900MW PV + [...]

Abengoa reaches a new milestone in its first concentrated solar power project in China

The synchronization of the turbine of the Luneng Haixi 50 MW solar thermal power plant, located in the Qinghai province, was carried out. Abengoa (MCE: ABG/P:SM), the international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the infrastructures, energy and water sectors, has successfully carried out the synchronization [...]

Refractaris leads the construction of solar shields for concentrated solar power

In the world, Córdoba now begins to sound due to other temperatures, those generated in the furnaces and solar shields manufactured by the company Refractaris, based in Montemayor, and which has become an international benchmark in the energy sector and solar thermal technology. In recent years, 95 percent of [...]

Field of mirrors in Gobi Desert helps generate concentrated solar power

A pilot project in the Gobi Desert that generates energy out concentrated solar power by using mirrors or lenses to concentrate a large area of sunlight onto a small area, is the first of its kind of China and breaks a number of records in Asia, in terms of [...]

Abengoa is awarded two new concentrated solar power projects in China

Abengoa provide the technology and develop the engineering to the LuNeng Haixi 50 MW solar thermal tower plant project, in the Qinghai province. The company will also be responsible for providing the technology and engineering for the Royal Tech Yumen project for a 50 MW solar thermal parabolic trough [...]

China to build concentrated solar thermal power plant

Once fully operational, the Concentrated Solar Power plant will prevent the burning of 4.26 million tonnes of coal every year, reducing CO2 emissions by 896,000 tonnes.

China’s largest concentrated solar power tower plant starts construction with 200 MW

Construction has begun on China's largest concentrated solar power tower plant in the northwestern province of Qinghai. Occupying 2,550 hectares of the Gobi Desert in Golmud City, the CSP plant will have an installed capacity of 200 megawatts, and be capable of supplying electricity to 1 million households, according to [...]

By 2020, China aims to have 3 GWe of installed Concentrated solar power (CSP) capacity

Two Concentrated solar power (CSP) projects, each with a capacity of 50 MWe, received total lending of USD 250 million (RMB 1.7 billion) from the Asia Development Bank.

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