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New Strategies Needed to Sell Solar Heat for Mining

Direct solar heat – Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) – is a potential renewable resource for replacing heat from burning fossil fuels for industries like mining, as its technologies generate heat directly from sunlight at anywhere from 150°C to 1500°C. But lack of information on both sides stands in the way [...]

SolarPACES Conference, Heliogen Introduces Solar Heat at 1 cent/kWh

Well before Bill Gross started Idealab (which has launched 150 startups and counting) to “look for big problems in the world, invent technological solutions, then build companies to fix them” he was doodling designs for the solar thermal mirrors that reflect concentrated sunlight onto a solar receiver, instead of attending [...]

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US team build concentrated solar power heat concept at $30/MWh

A research team led by Tulane University and the University of San Diego has developed a hybrid solar energy converter that generates electricity and steam at a levelized cost of $30/MWh, Tulane University said in a statement July 15. The research project began in 2014, supported by $3.3 million of [...]

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Aalborg CSP reduces the price gap between solar heat and fossil fuels

In order to meet the growing demand for cleaner and cheaper energy solutions, Aalborg CSP A/S have further optimized its concentrated solar power (CSP) technology and achieved significant cost-reduction as a result. With a new standardized lightweight structure, improved performance and up to 60% local sourcing opportunities, the 4th generation [...]

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