New concentrated solar power plant to be built in South Africa by 2023

Northern Cape premier Zamani Saul says work is progressing at the Redstone Concentrated Solar Power Project in Postmasburg, which is expected to bring additional power to the country’s energy network. In his state of the province address on Thursday (24 February), Saul said the project is one of the largest [...]

South Africa’s largest renewable energy project Redstone concentrated solar power (CSP) achieves first debt draw down

Commercial operation scheduled to start in Q4 2023; The African Development Bank ( acted as the Mandated Lead Arranger and Coordinating Bank, committing ZAR 2.306 billion to the transaction; The ZAR 11.6 billion Redstone concentrated solar power (CSP) project will provide power to 200,000 households upon completion. South African Redstone [...]

Renewables peak at 19% of South Africa’s electricity supply

The maximum percentage contribution by renewable sources towards electricity supplied in South Africa occurred at 1pm on 1 November last year. In that hour, 19.1% of the country’s demand was supplied by renewable generation. This was disclosed by Eskom in its recent quarterly system status and outlook briefing. In a [...]

Abengoa completes sale of Xina Solar One Concentrated Solar Power to Engie

Following completion of the transaction, Engie now holds a 40% equity stake in the Xina Solar One 100 MW concentrated solar power (CSP) plant, as well as a 46% stake in the Xina Operations & Maintenance Company.The transaction represents a new milestone in the asset divestment plan of Abengoa, which [...]

Eskom Considers $7.2 Billion in Wind and Solar Investment by 2030

Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd., which supplies almost all South Africa’s electricity from coal-fired power plants, is considering spending 106 billion rand ($7.2 billion) on wind and solar energy by 2030. The investment plan, which Eskom could carry out by itself or in partnerships, is the most detailed demonstration yet of [...]

Concentrated Solar Power continues to be a shining star in South Africa

In recent years, South Africa has taken tentative steps toward diversifying its energy portfolio to provide alternative power that is sustainable and affordable. This strategy, for an inclusive energy mix, needs additional capacity from renewables to be a top priority; however, utility-scale projects call for a substantial land footprint.   [...]

CDC Group is investing $50 million in the Redstone Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project in South Africa

CDC Group is coming to South Africa to announce a direct investment in a sustainable development project. The British government’s financial institution is providing $50 million for the construction of the Redstone Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant. The project is being developed by Saudi Arabian company Acwa Power. The independent [...]

ACWA Power Set to Bid in South Africa’s Next Renewable Auction

ACWA Power plans to bid in South Africa’s next green electricity auction. Interest from the Saudi-based company, which has made South Africa’s largest renewable energy investment, in the fifth bid window is a positive sign for the nation that’s had lengthy delays in a process to procure green power generation. [...]

100 MW Redstone Concentrated Solar Power with 12 Hours Daily Thermal Energy Storage Closes Financing

ACWA Power has led South Africa’s largest renewable energy project Redstone CSP to financial close The ZAR 11.6 billion Redstone concentrated solar power plant will power 200,000 households upon completion Redstone CSP Closes Financing May 2021 – ACWA Power Commercial operation scheduled to start in Q4 2023 ACWA Power, a [...]

ENGIE acquires 100 MW Concentrated Solar Power plant in South Africa

ENGIE ( is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement to acquire from Abengoa a 40% equity stake in Xina Solar One, a 100 MW Concentrated Solar plant, as well as 46% of the Operations & Maintenance Company. The plant is equipped with parabolic trough technology and a [...]

ACWA Power achieves first refinancing transaction in South Africa renewables sector

The ACWA Power Solafrica Bokpoort Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant, one of the major drivers of renewable energy in South Africa, has achieved another significant first, having announced the largest infrastructure refinancing initiative to be implemented in the country. Project financiers, led by Investec Bank, have concluded the first refinancing [...]

ACWA Power’s Bokpoort Concentrated Solar Power plant breaks African record

ACWA Power, a leading developer, investor and operator of power generation and desalinated water plants worldwide, announced Wednesday that its South African Bokpoort CSP plant has become the first renewable facility in the continent to complete a full week of continuous round the clock operation. Bokpoort CSP set the [...]

In South Africa and Spain, Concentrated Solar Power is Meeting or Exceeding Projected Operation Targets

SolarPACES spoke with Nandu Bhula who has been with the team responsible for the success of ACWA Power’s 50 MW Bokpoort trough Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant in South Africa since the start, first as CEO while the project was being built, and currently as Chairman of the Board. Commissioned [...]

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