Each MW of concentrated solar power can replace each MW of natural gas and achieve the decarbonization of the electricity sector

Each MW of solar thermal power can replace each MW of gas and achieve a total transition of the electricity sector, which would imply the substitution of current natural gas plants, as can be seen from the study carried out by Protermosolar in collaboration with the Comillas Pontifical University, which [...]

Concentrated Solar Power, «We are virtually unbeatable in daily and weekly storage»

Concentrated Solar Power is a multipurpose technology: it can generate electricity (day and night), it can produce heat for industrial processes (for drying and dehydration, sterilization, pasteurization, washing) and it can store energy (in thermal salt tanks that store the sun's heat during the day and release it at night [...]

PROTERMOSOLAR joins Solar Impulse foundation to visit Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge

On Friday, 21 April 2023, PROTERMOSOLAR, a Spanish Association for CSP Industry and ESTELA Member, joined Solar Impulse Foundation and three other renewable associations (EuroACE, Energy Efficiency Capital Advisors and Vertex Bioenergy) to discuss the upcoming National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) update. With more than 50 concentrated solar power [...]

Andasol 3 solar-thermal power plant in Granada

The Andasol 3 concentrated solar power plant is located in the province of Granada in southern Spain. The power plant has an installed capacity of around 50 megawatts. 205,000 parabolic reflectors gather sunlight at the Andasol 3 facility. Each parabolic reflector segment measures 12 times 6 square metres. The thermal [...]

The night must also be decarbonized, by David Trebolle, Secretary General of Protermosolar

"In Spain, there are more than 20 operational process heat concentrated solar power projects, which will double by 2023, thanks to the paybacks that we currently have for 2-3 years." David Trebolle, general secretary of Protermosolar, the Spanish Association for the Promotion of the Thermosolar Industry, says so in an [...]

Auction Failure Curtails Concentrating Solar Power in Spain’s Ecological Transition

The low price of the ministry and the uncertainty of connection delay the installation of a new solar thermal, which in 2025 should be double the current one according to the PNIEC. The generation of energy with solar thermal technology has been stuck for a decade in Spain. Not a [...]

Engie starts 30 MW Concentrated Solar Power plant for Heineken Spain

Engie had started building a 30 MW concentrated solar power (CSP) plant for Heineken in Seville, Spain. The EUR-20-million CSP project will result in a self-consumption scheme that will produce thermal energy for Heineken’s beer factory, enabling the brewer to reduce fossil gas consumption by over 60%. Earlier this year, [...]

The concentrated solar power generated 2.6% in August in Spain

Wind power generated 16% in August, photovoltaic 12.5% and solar thermal 2.6%. The demand for electricity in Spain fell by 2.3% in August. This decrease is observed once the effects of labor and temperatures during that month have been corrected. 37% of electricity production in August in our country was [...]

On-Sun Test of Novel Solar Combined-Cycle

A new paper (Experimental Testing of a 300 kWth Open Volumetric Air Receiver (OVAR) Coupled with a Small-Scale Brayton Cycle. Operating Experience and Lessons Learnt) describes an on-sun test at the Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA) testing site in Spain of a design for a CSP plant with a novel [...]

Spain Finally Names oncentrated Solar Power Auction Date: October

Spain plans to auction 520 MW of renewable energy capacity on 25 October amid its ongoing effort to curb carbon emissions. The auction will award 140 MW for photovoltaic projects below 5 MW, 220 MW for solar thermal, 140 MW for biomass and 20 MW for other technologies including biogas, [...]

Spain to award 220 MW of Concentrated Solar Power in Oct 25 auction

The ministry for the ecological transition reserved 140 MW for distributed solar PV projects of up to 5 MW, and 380 MW for concentrated solar power (CSP), biomass-based and tech-neutral schemes. The Spanish government expects to hold the next renewable energy auction on October 25 this year, announcing today that [...]

David Trebolle, new general secretary of Protermosolar

David Trebolle has been appointed new general secretary of the Spanish Association for the Promotion of the Solar Thermal Industry (Protermosolar) to replace Gonzalo Martín, the association reported in a statement on Monday. Gonzalo Martín will continue to be linked to Protermosolar as a senior advisor and will collaborate [...]

What is concentrated solar power, in which Spain is a leader

There is a type of solar energy in which Spain is the world leader in terms of installed capacity in operation: it is solar energy. Concentrated solar power or CSP (Concentrated Solar Power). As stated by Idealista, CSP produces electricity by concentrate the sun’s rays to heat a medium (usually [...]

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