Published in Case Studies in Thermal Engineering-Comparison study of thermoclinic heat storage tanks using different liquid metals for concentrated solar power

Comparison study of thermoclinic heat storage tanks using different liquid metals for concentrated solar power.   Abstract: Liquid metals are good potential heat transfer materials for thermoclinic heat storage (THS) systems and will play an important role in the next generation solar thermal power system with higher operating temperature. This [...]

US and China lead in thermal energy storage patents

Background: Concentrated solar thermal energy uses thermal energy storage. And China currently has 30 CSP projects under construction with thermal energy storage. Various options of energy storage are described in patented solutions in the field of solar energy. They include such technologies as those using latent heat, molten materials, compressed [...]

Vast Solar and Sage Geosystems Announce Strategic Collaboration on Hybrid Power Generation and Storage Projects

Vast Solar Pty Ltd. and Sage Geosystems Inc. (Sage) announced a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to evaluate global opportunities to integrate concentrated solar power (CSP) generation and long-duration energy storage (ES) deep in the earth to supply clean, dispatchable baseload electricity. Vast Solar Logo Wind and solar are [...]

Storage concentrated solar power system ensure Dubai’s energy supply security at lowest cost

The share of renewable energy in Dubai’s energy production mix now stands at 12.8%, and is expected to reach 14% by the end of 2022, mostly propelled by the sun, according to the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa). Total power production capacity of Dewa currently stands at 14,317 megawatts [...]

Repowering Port Augusta for superior concentrated solar power storage

Port Augusta’s on-again, off-again solar thermal power plant is on again. But this time, the heat is on to prove the technology in time to transition other power station towns. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Port Augusta’s concentrated solar power plant is back from the dead. Vast Solar's [...]

The Business Case for Storing Energy Thermally in Former Coal Plants

Compared to other energy storage technologies, thermal energy storage has a huge advantage. It can be dropped-in to repurpose existing coal power plants by simply replacing the fuel, coal, with thermal energy storage to be charged with excess renewable energy from the grid, and discharged using nearly all of the [...]

Storage Advance May Boost Concentrated Solar Power Potential

Engineers at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Ore., have identified a new approach for the storage of concentrated solar thermal energy, to reduce its cost and make it more practical for wider use. In the charging phase, heat from a CSP collector breaks down strontium carbonate into strontium oxide and [...]

100 MW of Concentrated Solar Power+8 Hrs Storage Breaks Ground in Xinjiang

The Xinhua Power Generation Company held a groundbreaking ceremony, together with Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, celebrating the start of the firm’s 1 GW new solar energy project at Bozhou, located on the north side of G219 National Road west of Bole City at Aheqi Farm, Jinghe County in Xinjiang Province, [...]

The World’s Largest Solar (Thermal) Storage Demo Project Officially Launched in Xinjiang

On July 4, the Development and Reform Commission of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region issued the list of the second batch of market-based grid-connected new energy projects 2022, including a total of 67 projects. Among them, two new energy projects, including the Hami Solar (thermal) Storage Multi-energy Complementary Integrated Green Power [...]

The Advantages to Develop Concentrated Solar Power with Storage in China

China's energy resource endowment is dominated by coal. Along with the "double carbon" goal, the demand for low carbon energy production and consumption has become more and more urgent. In Shaanxi, for example, during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, Shaanxi Province added a total of 15.13GW of new energy installations; [...]

Could a storage target or a capacity incentive provide a lifeline for concentrated solar power?

Advocates for Australia’s fledgling solar thermal industry argue that an appropriately designed storage incentive – either a specific target or a capacity incentive – could support the emergence of new solar thermal and long-term energy storage technologies, without propping up ageing fossil fuel generators. Director of the Australian Solar Thermal [...]

Vast Solar and 1414 team up for new attempt at Port Augusta solar storage hub

Australian concentrated solar company Vast Solar has teamed up with another local thermal storage hopeful 1414 Degrees in the latest attempt to build a large scale solar thermal and storage plan in Port August, South Australia. The Sydney-based Vast Solar will acquire 50% of the shares in Silicon Aurora, a [...]

Bill Gates-funded startup Rondo turns Solar or Wind into Heat

Thermal energy storage is one of the cheapest storage options for the 100% renewable grid of the future. The costly part has been converting the heat back into electricity to return to the grid. So why not just sell the heat itself? The Breakthrough Energy Ventures-funded startup Rondo Energy proposes [...]

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