Three Gorges

Three Gorges’ new Chinese Concentrated Solar Power project trials a double solar field

Three Gorges Renewables (of Three Gorges Dam hydropower fame) is building a novel configuration for one of the three new CSP projects it is building in China, this one at Guazhou in Ganzu Province. Three Gorges Renewables is now building three of the 30 new Chinese CSP projects underway, the [...]

Three Gorges Seeks EPC Bids for 200 MW of Concentrated Solar Power Under 5 cents/kWh

China Three Gorges New Energy has issued the bidding announcement on the EPC of two 100MW CSP projects, both are located in Qinghai province, northwest of China. According to the announcement (in Chinese), both projects are planned to start on July 1st 2022, and completed in full capacity by Nov [...]

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