Engineers India (EIL), a government-run company, has issued a tender inviting bids from domestic and foreign companies that supply Concentrated Solar Technology (CST) systems for balance of project services. The bidding process closes on March 7, 2023, and bids will be opened on March 9.

The invitation is open to bidders who are technology licensors or suppliers of CST systems, including linear/parabolic concentrators, dish/engine, and power tower systems. Even those with a demonstrated CST system that is not yet fully commercialized may apply, as EIL is open to collaboration for commercializing the technology.

The scope of work encompasses civil and structural work, turbine package, and the entire utility systems consisting of cooling tower, water block, effluent treatment, instrument and plant air system, and electrical and instrumentation systems.

To participate, bidders must furnish audited annual financial statements, including the balance sheet and profit and loss account for the latest financial year. They must also have a positive net worth, as shown in the immediately preceding year’s audited financial statement.


Potential bidders must have commissioned at least one CST project using the proposed technology within the last ten years. Alternatively, they may participate if they have at least one CST project that uses the proposed technology and is currently under execution, which should have been awarded within the last five years.

The CST concentrator (reflector and receiver combined) used in the reference projects must have achieved a minimum thermal efficiency of 70%. Bidders must also provide test certification for mirrors that comply with ASTM/EU/ISO standards, demonstrating that they meet the minimum quality requirements for optical, visual, and edge faults, as well as durability tests for the reference project.