New Solar Thermal Components Testing Facility at Hyderabad to Give Further Fillip to India’s Growing Solar Sector

A newly established Concentrated Solar Power based test rig facility at Hyderabad can help the growing solar industry in India to test capability and performance of solar thermal components like solar receiver tubes, heat transfer fluids, concentrating mirrors. For the uninitiated, Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) technologies use mirrors to reflect [...]

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Concentrated Solar Power Technology In India – Barriers In Widespread Expansion

India’s solar target is 100 GW by the year 2020. This, however, does not include CSP, that is, concentrated solar power. Owing to India’s geographical position just north of the equator, India has a huge potential to develop CSP. Sarvesh Devraj talks about the problems facing the advancement of this technology [...]

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CERC Seeks Proposals from Consultants for Detailed Study of Solar Thermal and PV Projects

The study’s objective is to understand and analyze the useful life and capacity utilization factor (CUF) of solar thermal and solar PV technologies. Consultants are expected to partake in detailed consultation with various stakeholders. The last day for submitting proposals is December 15, 2020. Scope of work Prospective consultants are [...]

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ARCI’s cost-effective technology can convert solar energy to industrial process heat

The receiver tube technology developed by the ARCI team efficiently absorbs solar radiation and converts it into heat for the targeted applications, specially in industries. Scientists from the International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI), Hyderabad, an autonomous institution under the Department of Science and Technology [...]

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Concentrated Solar Power increasing cumulative global capacity more than 11% to just under 5.5 GW in 2018

An estimated 550 MW of concentrating solar thermal power (CSP) came online in 2018, increasing cumulative global capacity more than 11% to just under 5.5 GW. CSP is also known as solar thermal electricity (STE). This annual increase represents the largest gain since 2014, and it occurred despite delays [...]

Indigenously made solar grade parabolic trough mirrors by Indian Thermosol Glass

The Cargo group was incorporated under the dynamic vision and leadership of founder Late Mr Y P Nanda. Since then, the company has grown over the last five decades to become a conglomerate with diverse ventures spanning across automobile, hospitality, manufacturing, logistics, glass processing, renewable energy, and infrastructure. Under “Make-in-India” [...]

Reliance commissions 100 MW concentrated solar power plant in Rajasthan, India

It is the second plant in India to use concentrated solar power technology. Rajasthan Sun Technique Energy, a subsidiary of Reliance Power, has commissioned its 100 MW concentrated solar power (CSP) plant. The plant is the largest plant based on the linear fresnel technology. The 100 MW CSP plant [...]

Coal India, NLC sign MoU for Concentrated Solar Power

Coal India Limited (CIL) and NLC India Limited (NLCIL), coming together in a significant step, have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Monday in CIL headquarters, Kolkata for formation of Joint Venture (JV) Company for Solar Power Generation of 3,000 MW and Thermal Power Projects of 2,000 MW capacity. [...]

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Aaryans Group to set up 1200 MW concentrated solar power plant in Maharashtra

Newly formed city based Aaryans Group is foraying in green energy segment by setting up a first of its kind Solar Thermal Power Plant at Taluka Malshiras, District Solapur in Maharashtra. An announcement to this effect was made by Smita Shitole, Managing Director of the group during a Press [...]

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Madhya Pradesh Set To Use Concentrated Solar Power Technologies

After solar power, Madhya Pradesh is actively considering to push use of concentrated solar thermal technology (CST) in industrial clusters in the state because of inherent advantages. In CST, mirrors are used to concentrate (focus) solar radiation and convert it into heat to create steam, which can be used [...]

Financial support for concentrated solar power in India extended until 2020

The “order” published by the Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy on 26 February 2018 put an end to the uncertainty which had pervaded the industry. In the 2-page document, the ministry pledged to continue its investment subsidy programme for concentrating solar thermal systems. The target until March 2020 [...]

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India innovation to generate clean energy from concentrated solar power

Scientists at Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in the city have developed a super critical carbon dioxide Brayton test loop facility that would help generate clean energy from future power plants including solar thermal. This is India's first test-bed for next generation, efficient, compact, water-less super critical carbon dioxide Brayton [...]

Concentrated Solar Power ( CSP ) in Solar Park & Distributed Solar PV (DSP) in Villages

India has set an ambitious target of 100 GW of solar by 2022 of which about 12.5 GW has been achieved so far. Solar PV has seen record low tariffs of Rs 2.44 / KWhr. Despite the noteworthy achievement that solar PV has attained, unfortunately the present approach of setting up of the solar [...]

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