How BrightSource Protects the IP behind its Concentrated Solar Power Systems

Solar power is one of the “green” alternatives to fossil fuels that will help our world address its energy needs. In one hour, the Sun hits the Earth with more energy than is consumed worldwide in a year, according to Yet harnessing this solar energy is complex: engineering solutions [...]

ESA astronaut documents Negev concentrated solar power tower from space station

European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti on Thursday shared pics taken aboard the International Space Station in which light reflecting off of the Ashalim solar station in Israel's Negev can be seen. In a tweet, the Italian astronaut said it is "so unusual to see human-made lights in day [...]

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Nofar Energy to buy Megalim Concentrated Solar Power plant

Nofar will pay NIS 580 million for the Negev Concentrated Solar Power plant, which is owned by Noy Fund (40%) and institutional investors (60%). Nofar Energy has signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding top buy 100% of the rights for the Megalim Concentrated Solar Power plant in southern Israel for [...]

The importance of Ashalim Concentrated Solar Power plant in Israel

On a large plot of barren desert adjacent to Moshav Ashalim, a remarkable, long-term experiment is unfolding. Three independent consortia, each employing a different kind of solar technology, are learning how to operate their giant power plants as effectively as possible under the constantly changing weather conditions. Each consortium was [...]

Israel inaugurates Negev concentrated solar power plant

The concentrated solar power plant will contribute significantly to Israel’s target of making 10% of the country’s electricity supply renewable by 2020, and 17% by 2030, according to Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz. The largest renewable energy project in Israel, a vast concentrating solar thermal power plant near Ashalim in [...]

Negev Energy to build a 121 MW Concentrated Solar Power plant in Israel

Negev Energy is building a 121 MW Concentrated Solar Power plant in the Negev Desert of Israel near Ashalim Village. It is based on parabolic through technology. The plant is leveraged by a molten salt storage system which enables it to store and provide additional 4.5 hours in full capacity [...]

Israel’s Megalim concentrated solar power plant starts operations

The Megalim solar thermal power plant, a joint venture of BrightSource, GE Renewable Energy and the Noy Fund, said on Wednesday it has begun commercial operation in Israel’s Negev desert. The 3 billion shekel ($839 million) concentrated solar power project was announced in 2008 and construction began at the [...]

Israel Builds World‘s Largest Concentrated Solar Power Tower

The Ashalim concentrated solar power and thermal electric power plant in Israel’s Negev Desert is up and running. The state-of-the-art facility is equipped with more than 50,000 computer-controlled heliostats or mirrors, which can track the sun in two dimensions and reflect the sunlight onto a boiler placed on top of [...]

Israel builds world‘s largest concentrated solar power tower

Israel‘s climate is ideal for concentrated solar power generation. It‘s almost exclusively sunny and it‘s warm enough to take advantage of solar thermal as well as solar photovoltaic power, but the country has been slow to move away from fossil fuels, particularly natural gas. That is starting to change with [...]

Israel’s sprawling Negev Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) complex in the desert

The Negev Energy project – which ISRAEL21c toured recently — is one of two gigantic thermo-solar plants going up side by side in Ashalim, about 40 kilometers south of Beersheva. The other one actually does incorporate a tall tower. In addition to these two plants generating electricity from the sun’s [...]

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World’s tallest concentrated solar power tower

World's tallest solar tower nears completion in Negev desert Israel.The construction of an immense solar power station was well underway near the kibbutz of Ashalim in the Negev desert on Tuesday. The plant’s 250-metre tower boasts the title of the tallest tower in the world, and once complete it [...]

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Solar receiver successfully set atopping Israel 121 MW Ashalim Concentrated Solar Power Tower

The solar receiver weighting thousands tons is recently set on top of the 240m collecting tower of 121 MW Ashalim Solar Thermal Power Station in Israel’s Negev desert. Difficulties of construction is previously addressed and now the success of setting the heavy receiver becomes a milestone of the project [...]

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