CESP switches on pilot Concentrated Solar Power plant in Brazil

Brazilian utility Companhia Energetica de Sao Paulo, better known as CESP, has commenced the operation of a 500-kW concentrated solar power (CSP) plant, the country’s first of its kind. The pilot plant required an investment of BRL 57 million (USD 11.4m/EUR 10.3m), CESP announced on Monday. The CSP plant is [...]

How Did Cosin Concentrated Solar Power Tower Reach Projected Performance So Fast?

Cosin Solar (previously Supcon Solar) seemed to burst on the global Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) scene as a fully fledged Chinese CSP firm. Among China’s pilot projects, the Supcon Delingha 50 MW tower CSP with 7 hours of storage in Qinghai Province was among the few to succeed in China’s [...]

Researchers in Australia Investigate Open Vortex Solar Receiver for Thermochemistry at 1000°C

As the need to end the use of fossil fuels for high temperature industries becomes apparent, solar researchers are developing high temperature technologies for tower Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) energy to replace the heat. Particles like sand or specially manufactured ceramic particles have been shown to hold heat at 1000°C [...]

April 11 Deadline to Tender for 200MW Concentrated Solar Power in Botswana

Interested independent power producers (IPPs) have until April 11th, 2022 to apply for the pre-qualification process for the construction of two Concentrated Solar Power plants in Botswana. Botswana’s Ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security has issued a call for expressions of interest from independent power producers (IPPs). The [...]

The first Concentrated Solar Power plant in Brazil will come into operation at the end of January

Eudora Energia implemented, at Cesp's plant, a R$ 49 million project for the Concentrated Solar Power plant to start operating at the end of the month. Before the end of January, Eudora Energia must put into operation the first solar thermal plant in Brazil. The millionaire project has 0.5 MW [...]

Abengoa completes construction of three solar fields at the world’s largest concentrated solar power complex in Dubai

The three 200 MW parabolic trough plants are part of phase IV of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park (MBR) in the United Arab Emirates. Abengoa has broken a production record by installing 86 collectors per week. A total of 6,360 collectors were installed during construction. Aerial view [...]

Rediscovering Concentrated Solar Power: story from China

Recently some media, such as Energyskeptic, falsely accused CSP technology of being unreliable, full of glitches and having a low energy return. Their opinion refers to certain early development faults of the technology, mainly based on the US experience, where new CSP stations have not been built since 2015. Indeed, [...]

Nofar Energy to buy Megalim Concentrated Solar Power plant

Nofar will pay NIS 580 million for the Negev Concentrated Solar Power plant, which is owned by Noy Fund (40%) and institutional investors (60%). Nofar Energy has signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding top buy 100% of the rights for the Megalim Concentrated Solar Power plant in southern Israel for [...]

Cerro Dominador solar thermal plant inaugurated in Chile

The concentrated solar power plant, built by a consortium formed by Abengoa and Acciona for EIG Global Energy Partners, has a capacity of 110 MW and is the first of its kind built in Latin America. Yesterday, June 8, the Cerro Dominador solar thermal plant was officially inaugurated. It has [...]


Rioglass, the world leader in the development, production, and marketing of premium receiver tubes and concentrating mirrors for the Solar Thermal Energy market, is proud to announce its process heat system Sun2Heat® achieved a Record Breaking Optical Peak Efficiency of 74.6% for a Linear Fresnel Collector. Data extracted from [...]

Cerro Dominador Concentrated Solar Power Plant

Cerro Dominador Solar Power Plant (Spanish: Planta Solar Cerro Dominador) is a 210-megawatt (MW) combined concentrated solar power and photovoltaic plant[2] located in the commune of María Elena[3] in the Antofagasta Region of Chile, about 24 kilometres (15 mi) west-northwest of Sierra Gorda. The project was approved by the Chilean government [...]

Chile’s Cerro Dominador Concentrated Solar Power plant synced with the grid

The 110-MW Cerro Dominador concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in Chile has been successfully synchronised with the Chilean SEN grid system. The solar thermal plant will inject electricity into the grid in stages over the coming months. “Synchronization kicks off first phase. We then move on to the second [...]

Protermosolar adds value to the Spanish concentrated solar power industry in China

The 10th CSP Focus, which takes place in China, brings together more than forty global speakers from the concentrated solar power sector with the aim of sharing information and promoting the expansion of the use of solar thermal energy. Gonzalo Martín, general secretary of Protermosolar, is one of the [...]

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