US and China lead in thermal energy storage patents

Background: Concentrated solar thermal energy uses thermal energy storage. And China currently has 30 CSP projects under construction with thermal energy storage. Various options of energy storage are described in patented solutions in the field of solar energy. They include such technologies as those using latent heat, molten materials, compressed [...]

Fraunhofer-Chile finds PV- Concentrated Solar Power combo has better LCOE than gas

A new study from energy engineering consultancy Fraunhofer – for Chile found that a solar hybrid that combines PV and CSP with thermal energy storage would be able to replicate the flexibility of gas power plants – at a lower LCOE. The study is Comparison between Concentrated Solar Power and [...]

Mongolian Concentrated Solar Power generated round the clock

In a solar energy record for round-the-clock power generation, Mongolia’s Wulate 100MW trough CSP project ran continuously for 12 days, generating pure solar energy without batteries; due to the thermal energy storage in CSP. (How Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) works) In Mongolia at a latitude of 41.5 degrees, the Wulate [...]

The night must also be decarbonized, by David Trebolle, Secretary General of Protermosolar

"In Spain, there are more than 20 operational process heat concentrated solar power projects, which will double by 2023, thanks to the paybacks that we currently have for 2-3 years." David Trebolle, general secretary of Protermosolar, the Spanish Association for the Promotion of the Thermosolar Industry, says so in an [...]

Consortium to demonstrate nitrogen for fertilizer from biosolids using solar thermal

In 2023, a wastewater treatment plant in New Mexico will begin making nitrogen for fertilizer from biosolids, using solar thermal energy. Next year, a consortium led by American Infrastructure Holdings LLC that includes Solar Dynamics and Andritz Separation will build a pilot facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico to demonstrate a [...]

Shanghai Electric CSP starts sending overnight solar power to Dubai Grid

On November 29 (Dubai Time), the Trough Unit No. 1 facility of Shanghai Electric’s 700 MW concentrated solar power and 250 MW photovoltaic solar power plant in Dubai has successfully achieved grid-connected electricity generation, marking a significant milestone along the path of the firm’s entry into the renewable energy sector. [...]

Auction Failure Curtails Concentrating Solar Power in Spain’s Ecological Transition

The low price of the ministry and the uncertainty of connection delay the installation of a new solar thermal, which in 2025 should be double the current one according to the PNIEC. The generation of energy with solar thermal technology has been stuck for a decade in Spain. Not a [...]

Concentrated Solar Power Tower: Use Molten Salt as an Energy Storage System

One of the most difficult tasks is to use renewable energy to decarbonise Australia’s industrial sector. One potential clean, renewable energy source is concentrated solar power or CSP systems. Australia needs to use solar concentrating electricity since it generates energy without releasing harmful greenhouse gasses. The solar power tower name [...]

South Africa’s Redstone Concentrated Solar Power plant should be complete by 2024

The The Redstone Concentrated Solar Plant is located between Tsanstabane and Kgatelopele in the Northern Cape. Construction is currently at 45.5 percent completion. Once complete the solar plant will contribute 100MW to the national grid. Concentrated Solar Plant is located between Tsanstabane and Kgatelopele in the Northern Cape. Construction [...]

DLR Finds Concentrated Solar Power is Ideal Renewable to Decarbonize German Industry

An assessment of the cost/benefit of each green heat technology is timely, as countries that were most heavily dependent on Russian gas must rapidly decarbonize heavy industry as gas supplies dwindle from over 40% to under 10% and rise in price from 20 to 140 euros per MWh. Gas imports [...]

China now has 30 Concentrated Solar Power Projects with Thermal Energy Storage Underway

The development of Concentrated Solar Power is entering into a fast track in 2022 here in China.  Within the Multi-Energy RE complexes combining with PV and/or Wind, CSP is playing a role as stabilizer and regulator, easing the power fluctuation and curtailment of PV and Wind, through its thermal energy storage. [...]

Abengoa wins Concentrated Solar Power project of the year award for Noor 1

At Noor 1 Abengoa has been responsible for providing the technology, design, engineering of the HTF system, as well as the construction of the collectors for three parabolic trough plants (200 MW each) in the world's largest solar complex: the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park (MBR), south of [...]

Engie starts 30 MW Concentrated Solar Power plant for Heineken Spain

Engie had started building a 30 MW concentrated solar power (CSP) plant for Heineken in Seville, Spain. The EUR-20-million CSP project will result in a self-consumption scheme that will produce thermal energy for Heineken’s beer factory, enabling the brewer to reduce fossil gas consumption by over 60%. Earlier this year, [...]

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